Organizing Playing Techniques

To bring more order to my user-created Playing Techniques, I’m thinking about doing the following. But I do wonder if there will be unforeseen consequences.

Since I don’t use most of the supplied special symbols and categories,

  1. use an unused category like guitar or percussion to park certain categories of symbols that I do use.

  2. eliminate the supplied factory symbols I don’t use by deleting each symbol in the Playing Techniques Editor. This leaves an invisible-unless-selected place-holder in the panel, but at least it isn’t distracting from finding other needed symbols.

I can’t see that (1) would be an issue. (2) either, as long as you never plan to use those PT. And if you did, you could restore them to the factory settings individually.

Of course neither is the ideal solution…

Thanks @dan_kreider. I am going to try it.

It generally works well but sometimes user-defined Playing Techniques stay in the Common category in the panel when moved to another category, and thus appear in two categories. Yet they don’t stay in the Common list in the Playing Techniques Editor.

Very strange. It has happened with a few dynamics enclosed in parentheses or brackets. I’d delete them and start over, but they are some trouble to recreate.

For anyone else trying this, I was able to get rid of the few dynamic signs that “stuck” in the “Common” panel after being moved to another category.

I did this by duplicating them in the Playing Techniques Editor, then deleting them (which unfortunately deleted music symbols in other glyphs leaving parentheses and brackets behind!), and then undoing. Voila, they were gone from the Common list, but stayed in the new category.

There seems to be something strange going on when one moves Playing Techniques from one category to another if they were based on another PT when they were created in the Playing Techniques Editor. Some kind of linkage that disrupts moving them between categories.

Edit: Well, it works for one file but after making these the defaults by clicking the star, it doesn’t work with new files. Most of the user-defined playing techniques are in the new categories but a few refuse to stay put.

For what it’s worth, we know that users need more control over the organisation of playing techniques in the panel, and we plan to provide more control in future.


Thank you @dspreadbury.

After playing with this for awhile, I would strongly suggest that no one try what I was doing, if it involves primary musical glyphs. Fortunately I did most of this in a dummy file. The linkage between the different elements seems to be extensive, and when I deleted some of the Playing Techniques that involved dynamic signs like f p etc. they disappeared from the Dynamics panel! The Playing Techniques are clearly a work in progress. Mess with them at your peril!

I think if you create new playing techniques (instead of editing existing ones) you are out of peril :wink: … (maybe I am wrong?)

As an extension of your suggestion it would be nice if we could have a new Category being created (maybe above the Common one) that only contains User Playing Techniques

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I think you may be correct. I created several Playing Techniques by duplicating existing ones without realizing that they are then linked together and editing one seems to affect the other. As I tried to reorganize the PT and tidy things up, everything went haywire.

In any case, it is clear that the Dorico team intends to make the Playing Techniques much more flexible, which would be a major advance.