Organizing Plug-Ins: One Plug-In in Multiple Folders?

Is there a way to replicate plugins in Wavelab’s organizer so that, for example, I can have my Waves MaxxBass plugin in both a Bass folder and an Enhancers folder? Another good example would be de-essers. Technically, they belong in the Dynamics folder, but then a Vocals folder also makes sense, so it’s nice to have them in both places.

This is easy to do in Cubase and other DAWs, but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to put a plugin in multiple folders in Wavelab.

Any advice is appreciated.

No. But what you could do, is to add plugins to the Favorite menu. A plugin in the Favorite menu also stays in its original menu.

Thank you. Good to know.

I’ll go ahead and submit this as a feature request.

I really liked the way you could customize plugins in WL6. This new system is good but I really like my way of setting up plugins. It seems like the old way gave the user more control. Maybe a way to do the WL6 setup in the next maintenance update??? Thanks!