Organizing the Percussions

Hi there!
My current project contains many flows, two percussion players, each playing a lot of different sounds. For best reading the music should be displayed
differently in each flow (i.e. Perc1 in Grid and Perc2 in Single-line, next flow Perc1 in 5-line Staff and Perc2 in Grid…). But these layout options are determined project-wide. Can they be changed individually for different flows?
Also for best reading should the instruments in some flows be combined in different combinations into 5-line ‚Kits‘ (i.e. BD/Sn/Hihat, next flow BD/Djembe/Fingercymbal). As the 5-line staff does not display instrument names, how can I show the player at the beginning of each flow, which instruments are notated where?
Maybe I just oversee a general concept here. Thanks so much for your help!

It’s not possible out of the box atm as you want it.

You can either duplicate the players and assign them each to the different flows (and chose their representation), or create a new layout for each flow, which probably would go against why you you wanted to use flows in the first place.

Thanks Sascha!