I’m brand-spanking new to Cubase as of this release 7, and I’ve been happily messing around, recording my awful ideas. I’d love to become more well-versed in the program, but I feel that organizing my files is the first, and most difficult step (which is the least self-explanatory thing I’ve run into). If anybody might have any tips or tutorials, I would be so grateful! Any help or insight would be loved! Please help me be organized!!

The most important thing that I can think of…

Put each project in its own folder.

When you start a new project, create a folder for that project and properly name the project and save it to that folder.

I’m sure there will be other suggestions, but that’s all I got at the moment.

That’s quite helpful, thanks! Any Idea what that “Images” folder is for??

When i start a new project i always use the “prompt for project location”!!!
This makes sure you never have search for lost audio files…

Hope that helps!!!

it’s just the spectrum images of the wav files.

All in one only folder for a song, even my soundcards project presets that I stock in the same folder to have all in one point.