original beaming, how?


it seems a bit tricky, how will I get this (original) beaming in Dorico?
I know, the rests are not correct, but - besides that - I would like to get the beaming as in the original source.
Thank you for a hint.



Dorico beaming.png
original beaming.png


Here’s a different way from Pianoleo’s answer: make a new notehead set where the notehead looks like a rest. Then hide the stem for that note. You may also need to hide leger lines.

You can have whatever rest duration you want, if you want to reproduce the original exactly.

To get the beaming as in the original, make a hidden 5:4 tuplet of two 16th notes (the second one looking like a rest) and a 32nd.

You will have to mute the “rest” if you are bothered about playback, of course.

You might want to tweak the horizontal spacing to reduce the gap after the rest.

Dorico project attached, if it helps.
Beam over rests.zip (401 KB)
Beam over rests 1.png

Pianoleo, thank you for pointing out the method with surpressed stemlets.
Still I get a very strange result:

surpressed stemlets.png

Rob, what an intelligent workaround!
I am somehow hesitant to try it, as it looks quite complicated… I think I will wait until Dorico offers something useful for these cases.

I agree there are several “moving parts”, but except for creating a new notehead set (which is straightforward, and there is a video tutorial) they are all fairly standard. Just follow your nose through the properties panel in engrave mode for most of the rest.

pianoleo, I now managed it - following your suggestion - by copying the first figure, pasting it into the second half of the bar and adjusting the pitches. I guess the first try just caused a little hiccup in Dorico. Now it looks fine (with adjusted stemlets):

perfect beaming.png