Original Cubase 11.0 version - not available to download

Hi, can anybody send over wetransfer november version 11.0 cubase pro, cant get on official Steinberg download page. I need it urgent.

hi - I’ve just edited out some personal details, best not to post it on a public forum.

Sorry, thank you!

I’m not actually sure how to get hold of C11.0 - as you say it’s not on the website and not on the download assistant.

I’m going to edit the title to this thread - as people won’t necessarily view this post

I’d also like access to the original Cubase Pro v11.0 install until there is a fix for the fix - as I’ve encountered so many issues with v11.0.10 (sure, some things have been fixed, BUT)… funny thing is that I had all of the upgrade files for the v11.0 update from v10.5 in the same folder I had set Steinberg Download Assistant to download to. After the v11.0.10 update, all of those files disappeared!

Therefore, no v11.0 installer left on my system, not available within Steinberg Download Assistant nor available online at the Steinberg site… Urghhh

This reminds me of why I jumped ship to Logic Pro over 10 years ago - I’ve returned to using Cubase Pro as my Mac died. Hey, go back to what you know I thought.

Back in the day, I was on the Atari 1040STE with Emagic Notator, then supported Steinberg when Emagic was bought out. No regrets, was a great platform for all of those years. But coming back to Steinberg after all of this time, because of my need to roll back to PC, I see that very little has changed in the way Steinberg has been conducting itself since I jumped ship. I really wish that it was different… I expected better.

Win 10 Pro

It is very annoying the new download assistant. At least now you can pick what component you would like to install. I guess they dont want people to be able to degrade that easy. It guess they are angry of the people that point out that old version did not have a particular bug. Cover your tracks…

I also need the original 11.0.0 installer. Any way to get it?

On WIndows there was an option in Control Panel/Programs and features/ View installed updates and you could uninstall updates to a previous version but it doesnt work anymore with Cubase 11. :rage:

Also you could edit numbers in download links in Support/Downloads on their page to get previous versions- also gone with v11 :rage:

It really feels like they dont want us to get previous versions.

anyone have a DL? plz pm

Steinberg have started to dig their own grave.

meh, not really.

If I was the owner of Steinberg the CTO would have start over in the kitchen peel potatoes for a few years.