Original Installation

I could not install Dorico until I moved out of HD colour on PC display. Is this still the case?

Welcome to the forum, johncley. I’m afraid I don’t know to what you might be referring. Could you provide a bit more detail of the problem you experienced and under precisely what circumstances? Was it the installer itself that failed? What error message did you see? Or was it a problem when running Dorico itself? What version of Dorico did you try to install? What operating system are you running?

I am using Windows 10 Pro on HP laptop. I bought Dorico1 & despite long & protracted negotations with Steinberg support (Anja Buckley) from about 2 Feb 2018 the error message was always " Audio engine process died " (the istallation was fine).I tried installation on another Laptop & desktop PC with same result. Both Support & I gave up & I tried without success to get cost refunded. In desperation I bought Notation & installed Musescore which both worked.I still persisted with Dorico & by chance I tried reverting back from HD Display to default display. This worked & Support rewarded me with discount on an Update. My support tickets were 8811,89111 etc in name of Helen Rutland if you wish to look at painful process!

I meant Notion not Notation & support ticket 88111 not 8811. Also Corel PhotoImage has same problem.

Can you please go to %APPDATA%\Steinberg on your Windows computer and zip up the latest Dorico folder, e.g. “Dorico 3” or “Dorico 3.5”, and attach that zip file here?

Dorico 3.5.7z (53.1 KB)
I am interested that someone else had same problem & eventually were given the solution I suggested. What I was wanting you to look at, was could this be identified & eliminated

The thread was called "audio engine died "

Could you link to that thread, please? I’m searching for that title and finding nothing (on either the forum’s own search or via Google). Rather, I’m finding lots of results that contain these words, but none that specifically are titled “audio engine died”.

Sorry full title is “Audio Engine process Died on startup” by kitfox. I had not realised that it was such an old post as it was near to the start of posts. So obviously my post would not have helped. However I am surprised that solution to error message is not on file & that it has not been solved with a software fix .

There’s no mention on that thread (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=130005) of anything to do with “HD Colour” or “HD Display” or “Default Display”.
For that matter, that entire thread is about trying to use Dorico on Windows 7, which is not officially supported.
You are not running Windows 7 - you’re running Windows 10.
I don’t quite understand how you’ve ascertained that a solution that would apply to anyone on kitfoxes’s thread would apply to you - the only similarity appears to be the error message.

Helen, are you now up and running, or are you still having problems?

I have been up & running since installation in 2018. All I was trying to establish was if the problem of HD colour display on Windows 10 still stopping installation or has it been corrected in later versions of Dorico. If not ,perhaps you could print a warning in installation instructions

So far as I know there is no general problem of this kind with installation.