Orion Studio not working in Cubase 10

Hello, I recently switched from a 2015 iMac to a 2019 mac mini.
I’ve used the original Antelope Orion Studio Interface (not the rev2017) on my 2015 iMac with Cubase installed, and it worked without any problems.
Since the switch to the mac mini, my Orion Studio is NOT picked up in Cubase where I do the main bulk of my work.
It is specifically the inputs that don’t function. No mic signal is coming through. I do get stereo output in my tracks. I can listen to the sessions.
I’ve followed all the steps, installed new drivers, checked the audio connections, the Studio Setup. Everything SHOULD work.
In fact, on Logic Pro X, my Antelope inputs function perfectly.
On top of that, my Antelope Software shows signal running through fine as well.
So this problem can most likely be diagnosed as a Cubase issue.
I truly don’t know what to do. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi and welcome,

Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone and enable Cubase here.

Hey man, this was EXACTLY the problem! Fixed! I had never read about these Security Permissions anywhere. Thank you so much!
Hopefully anyone with this problem can use this thread in the future!


This issue appears repetitively here on the forum, every time with different Audio Device. :wink: And actually not at this forum only, not with Cubase only.