Ornament misplacement

My jazz ornaments are misplaced. Funnily, it’s only the second row (fall bends and scoop).

Font issue?

Using bravura in the pic

Does selecting Engrave/Music Symbols/Ornaments/Lip Fall (short) then hitting Revert to Factory fix it?

It’s grayed out.
It happens since yesterday. No changes in my setup.

Does this happen in every project, or only in this one? Have you made any changes to the fonts installed on your computer? That looks like it might be caused by an outdated version of Bravura.

it happened in another project, too, though I didn’t use them a lot then, so I thought I misplaced them myself. Yesterday I noticed it when I created them newly, and I also have this problem with new projects in 3.5.10

It was for sure working mid-July with 3.5.0 (I have an intermediate PDF export telling me so), and I assume it was also working last week when I was working on the other file, or I would’ve noticed I think.
I’ll try to reinstall bravura later.

Daniel I am having troubles installing the latest version of Bravura. It seems that I am currently using Version 1.210 (according to macOs Fontbook).

I downloaded the GitHub Repository, but I cannot build it with the packages app. I get an error, and I am not skilled nor experienced enough with packages to resolve it on my own.
Is it enough to replace the otf files? is there a premade installer? Maybe in the Download assistant?

I usually updated Dorico form the Download assistant, so I am confused why the font shouldn’t have updated…

I’m sure that the outdated version of Bravura on your system is the problem; the current version is 1.39, so 1.210 is quite old and there have been a bunch of changes since then. What I suggest you do is close down Dorico and any other applications that could be using the font, then check in both /Library/Fonts and ~/Library/Fonts (the former in the root of your hard disk, the latter in your user’s home folder; easiest to be sure of accessing them the right way using Go > Go To Folder in the Finder, since the Library folders are hidden by default on macOS), and remove Bravura.otf and BravuraText.otf from both places if you find them there. Then put Bravura.otf and BravuraText.otf from the redist/otf folder from the GitHub page into the /Library/Fonts folder, and that should do it. Alternatively, having removed the installed versions of Bravura and Bravura Text, simply running the Dorico 3.5.10 installer again should be sufficient to reinstall the correct versions of the fonts.

Thank you Daniel! I am now on 1.39
That fixed it for new projects, but sadly not for the current one. Any way of resetting it?
If not it is also ok, i don’t have too many instances and I could move them.

Thank you very much again! :slight_smile:

You might try going into the Engrave > Music Symbols dialog and finding the jazz articulations symbols, and clicking the button to revert them. If that doesn’t help, you could send the project to me and I could see if I could fix it for you.

Thanks for the offer!
I actually found out the project was using MTF-Cadence (which sometimes is too familiar to Bravura), where the problem still persists. Seems like something has changed in the way Dorico processes these glyphs. Changing to Bravura resolves the issues.

I will see if there’s a new version of Cadence, if not I will contact Abraham Lee. Thanks again!

it is indeed, in fact when i use MTF fonts some of the ornaments are missing from the panel such as < and > etc.