Ornaments & Articulations vis a vis NotePerformer and sample libraries

Hello all. I’m new to Dorico having spent most of my life in Cubase.
I’ve been demoing Dorico and NotePerformer 4 and love it because they make it easy for me to create the sounds in my head, so to speak.
One of my favorite things is I can input ornaments and articulations at a notehead in Dorico and NP4 will play it back.
Are sample libraries unable to do this? IOW, do I have to create separate tracks for pizzicato, sul pont, longs, staccato, etc. in Dorico and/or Cubase?

sample libraries can indeed play back your articulations such as pizz,. sul pont, staccato etc simply from the score. Exactly which ones are supported depends entirely on your library but the major vendors like VSL or Orchestral Tools have libraries which support almost every articulation you can think of. All that is required is to either create your own or make use of Expression Maps from others. Some leading libraries are also supported through the NotePerformer Playback Engines add-ons to make them even easier to use.

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FWIW Baroque ornaments are not supported in playback.

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Thanks. Now, all I have to do is decide between BCCSO Core and NP4.
BTW, I tested this idea with Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra, but nothing happened. I guess I’ll have to make an expression map. No biggie.

I use BBC Core together with the NP playback engine. This can provide a very nice combination for the feeling of a larger romantic orchestra. But of course you can try the Amadeus in the meantime – it’s not one I’m very familiar with.