Ornaments popover won’t recognize ‘shorttr’

Ornaments popover won’t recognize short trill ‘shorttr’ on my m2 ipad pro 11”,
May I hope that it be resolved in the next update?

Thanks for letting us know about this. It looks like this has got broken as a result of the changes we made to the way glissando lines are handled in the Shift+O popover in Dorico 4.3. We’ll fix this at the earliest opportunity, but for the time being you’ll have to create the short trill via the Ornaments panel on the right-hand side in Write mode.

I’m sure the team is already aware, but to be sure, I want to point out this is a problem is in the Mac version as well, not just iPad.

Yes, indeed, because Dorico for iPad and Dorico for macOS and Windows are all built from the same codebase, the same problems will occur on all supported platforms.