Ornaments; specifically turns

Ornaments are positioned above the note they apply to by default. However, turns are frequently positioned between two notes. There seems to be no way of doing this without manually adjusting them in Engrave mode one at a time. I would have hoped that if you select two notes and apply a turn then it would be positioned between the two. Might that be something worth adding to the list of things to look at for the future?

And another one; will it be possible to put editorially added ornaments in parentheses?

If you move the carret to the measure beat where you want the turn, you can position it exactly in Write mode.

(Not that I don’t think your idea is a good one.)

For the moment, you can create bracketed (or parenthetical) ornaments as Playing Techniques.

Thanks for the tips. I knew there would be a way of doing this sensibly, given that this is Dorico!