Ornaments stuck in upper staff when moving notes to lower staff

Although this is easily fixed by moving the trill in Engrave mode. I was wondering if there was a native way of having the ornament placement follow the notes to the lower staff.

No, I’m afraid not: if the ornament were part of the note itself, then it would travel with the note when you move the note, but ornaments are separate items that live on a particular staff. Cut and paste will be required in this kind of situation.

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I also wonder if you would have received a different result if you had actually changed the note to the lower staff (semantically) vs. simply telling it to display on the lower staff. (ie- alt+m vs. just ‘m’)

Yes, Alt-M (or Opt-M) to move the notes does indeed take everything with it, including ornaments.

That works much better in my situation. Thank You.

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