OS 10.6.8 64-bit kernel

Just wanted to let fellow Snow Leopards know that switching to 64-bit kernel seems to clear up a couple of buggy elements I was experiencing with 7.0.1.
Notably in Control Room - I was getting an odd mono/stereo cross switching between monitors A & B. And a dissociated highlight box near the bottom of the panel.
After switching to 64-bit boot these issues cleared up.
Plug-ins all seem to be working fine (incl. older 32-bit ones) and if I am not mistaken the whole system seems snappier.
You can keep it in 64-bit boot mode using Tinkertool System (rather than holding down 6&4). There may be other ways as well.

Aloha u, and thank you for that info.

Even tho’ I have moved on, I and many others feel that
10.6.8 was one of the best versions of the Mac OS ever.

Powerful and stable.

Because of these facts many DAW users have decided to stay
with that system for as long as they can.

You post will be welcome news for C7 Snow Leopard users.