OS not starting in the morning..

Hi, for the last 3/4 weeks my computer will not start up on the first attempt, (it gets to the little balls flying around then nothing) always starts on the second attempt,
I read on the internet that it could be my power unit so changed it but it still will not start first thing in the morning,
once it’s started then during the day if switched off it will start up again no problem…

any ideas please… :slight_smile:

Man, you sure have problems with your setup. By now I would’ve completely re-installed everything, including Windows updates. My setup is always up to date and I have very few hiccups. I do however make images regularly, just in case something breaks.


I have just reinstalled everything…I was having probs after updateing windows and put it down to microsoft trying to force me onto W10, so I’m on SP1 now and am reluctant to update further, particularly since it seems to be an accepted thing to stay on SP1.
once the puter is up and running everything is fine so I wasn’t thinking it was anything to do with the OS…more a sort of hardware thing…maybe something to do with the MB…etc…

Try re-seating the stuff plugged into the mobo. Do the “easy” stuff first to see if it gets fixed but you may even have to re-seat the main processor (you will probably have to purchase some of that thermal contact silver paste if you do).

I used to get a similar morning start problem on my old PC running Win7. For me it seemed to crop up every so often when there were big (+/-20 deg) temperature swings from day to night. The re-seating always fixed it (for a while) so I figured it was caused by some kind of thermal action causing a slight contact issue somewhere.

Good luck

Regards :sunglasses:

interesting…I’m on it… :slight_smile: