OS, Samples, Song files & Hard Drive Setup

I realize that this isn’t the best way to set things up, but its what I’ve got at the moment.

One internal drive, two fast external drives.

Does it make sense to keep the OS and all apps on the internal, use one external for song files/projects, the other for audio samples?


Yes, this makes sense. But make sure, the external drives are not connected to the same bus at the end. Sometimes, even if you have 2 USB ports, there are glued to the one inside the computer.

The answer to your question does rather depend upon the machine you are using. If you are using a laptop then Martin is absolutely right. However, if you are using a desktop then it is better to have more internal drives. A Solid State Drive for the operating system, a project drive, a sample drive and a storage drive. The sizes and type of drives depend upon your preferences. If you are using samplers that stream samples on a USB drive might face bandwidth problems if you are using a large number of samplers, unless perhaps you are using USB 3 compliant external drives. Although to be honest you do have to use a lot. For instance BFD3 and a number of Kontakts running lots of different instruments.