OS X 10.9 Users Unite! - Issue Gathering

Hey all,

I’m having a tough time with Cubase Pro 8 on my Mac Pro 3,1 running 10.9 and have noticed plenty of other people are having very similar issues. I’m starting this thread for those of us on OS X 10.9 that are experiencing issues. I’d like to start gathering and comparing bug reports so that we can get a post up in the Issues forum—if, indeed, there are legitimate issues with C8.

As experience with seems to differ wildly from user to user, the other topic threads that I’ve tried discussing this in degenerate into arguments or sidetracks.

I am strictly interested in OS X 10.9, trying to laser-focus so we can troubleshoot and/or submit an ISSUE post to Steiny; but, if you’re in another version and experiencing the same issue, please chime in.

Please make sure your signature or post includes:

  1. Your Mac’s details (Model/Year/Any upgrades? etc)
  2. Especially important: Is your OS X a clean install or an upgrade?
  3. Also important: List any 3rd-party OS X apps you have installed that mod the OS’s behaviour or run in the menu bar (i.e., TotalFinder; Default FolderX; jiTouch; A Better Finder; etc). Some people are reporting insta-fixes from terminating some of these apps
  4. Gear details (Interface, etc)
  5. Issue and steps to reproduce

What I am not interested in is:

  1. Lectures about how to setup computers/Macs/OS X
  2. How awesim your Mac skills/setup are
  3. People telling us that their system is fine/we’re crazy/we installed it wrong/our OS’s are “sandy”, etc
  4. Bickering or arguing over possible causes

Thanks… Let’s see what we can find out. I’m hoping we can discover some common issues and get things humming along!

OK, my post:

I’m running a clean-install of 10.9. Drive had been wiped and everything reinstalled with latest versions in spring 2014.
I run two OS mod apps: TotalFinder (gives the Finder double-paned view; cut & paste; and shows folders first) and jiTouch (allows for extensive modding of Magic Trackpad).

  1. Cubase Pro 8 (C8) crashes. A lot. About 60% on closing a project; 20% on opening one; and 10% before it ever even gets fully open
  2. C8’s performance steadily decreases over time—even on simple projects. Playback starts to dropout/skip/pop and graphical display refresh slows to a crawl. Lag creeps into the simplest of actions, like clicking/mousewheeling values
  3. The Dreaded: Video Service error. Just got it today. Yay.