OS X El Capitan


Bit of a drag, I beta tested on Yosemite and had none of these issues. El Capitan beta 6 is full of audio /USB problems on a Mac Pro 5,1:

Universal Audio drivers are dead and so is any and all UA hardware, including Apollo, PCIe cards etc.
Steinberg eLicenser won’t run properly or see the dongle: CP8, Nuendo 7 Wavelab are all dead.
Running two displays, a Dell and a LH 34" Ultrawide; El Capitan won’t hold the LG and it keeps turning off, difficult to re-wake (unlike Yosemite with no issues).
Other USB audio issues here and there.

One major update per year is so unbelievably annoying… :smiling_imp:

Aloha guys and bummer!

Tanx for the ‘heads up’.

I too always have to wait for all 3rd party drivers/tools etc to be compatible with the latest OS
and it sometimes takes months.

And considering the fact that there have been no real advancements/improvements to
‘Core Audio’ and ‘Core MIDI’ over the last few years, I may just skip this one.

At least one thing is very kool; It’s free!!!

I don’t have to pay $$$ to have the probs.

I say if yer system is working, just stick with it.

Good Luck!

Yeah really.
Sometimes I wonder what are these folks doing and why ??
For sure they are not using their equipment for living and relying on them daily.

My setup is as below in the sig, in addition I still run a fully solid WXP / Wavelab 5 setup with a plextor premium burner just for the occasional masters.
All lean and mean, no bugs, viruses or crashes.

Just a comment…

Of course, new systems are always tested on a fresh SSD & in preparation for the inevitable. FYI, I’m involved with the use of some 65 other computer systems in undergraduate and graduate education (vs. the conception that one is solo on some kind of commercial rig - obviously the obvious applies there). Also running many DAWs across those systems, as is usual with many different musicians and software choices for various projects.

Anyways, was really a heads up to Steinberg, & via systems reports sent on. Ditto with beta testing for Apple, & part of the way in which the community contributes and helps improve a GM. El Cap is very, very quick & promises to be quite nice I think, & as the hardware /software inevitably rolls on.

Also seems to be quite different experiences from other beta testers: for some, Cubase & Nuendo would appear to be no problem (assuming the latest version of e-Licenser installed). On this system however, neither Cubase nor Nuendo will run up at all, citing memory address issues in the report (and on both clean and migrated installs). Wavelab runs fine, as does Pro Tools, DP9, Studio One, Mixbus, Live, Logic, etc. UAD FW drivers are broken, the main drag if using their IO & so similar feedback going on at Universal Audio.

So, was really a matter of community & developer feedback. Not ‘my computer and me’. El Cap is in ‘a box’, and as it should be. That’s how we test and migrate our systems when ready.


Exactly, you get into some extra trouble, but guess what - it’s free.
Thanks. I but I need a working system, and would prefer to spend my time making music or playing with the kids rather than solving compatibility problems.
We’ll see what Win 10 with it’s forced updates will be like, though…