OS X Mavericks Compatibility

Having updated my Mac to the latest operating system, OS X, I now find that Cubase Elements 6 crashes when opened. In fact the whole machine re-starts itself. The Knowledge base suggests that this software is not compatible with OS X - not helpful - and no obvious fixes to be found.

Any ideas? Buy Cubase 7.5 and have done with it?

Aloha b,

I vote yes. Yer gonna love it.

IMHO C7.5 is the best version of Cubase ever.

And it seems to me you answered your own question.

Good Luck!


what about Cubase 6.5.5 ? I tried to install the CoreAudio2Asio patch, but the install button is grey.

Any idea ?

This should help:



Ive got the same issue. I cannot use halion sonic standalone. There are no options in the audio driver dropdown. I have found this article that would explain whyt it’s greyed out since I have a current version of wavelab e;lements installed.


Still, this does not address why i have no audio output in the standalone halion sonic. Being able to use it standalone and in other hosts was my main reason for upgrading from SE

good luck. I hope this helps

I have been trying to get tech support for a week now and I realy spent a lot on ya ll product so it would be nice if I got some kind of help!!! this probly the 10 time I have try to reach your tech. I have problems with Cubase 7 i bout it brand new and i can’t even use this cause no one will give some support so please my god help me so i can use your software. its saids that online my product is activated and register but i still can’t use it for some reason 1-903-894-7889