OS X - Moving application data to external HD

I need to move all my Halion 5 / Cubase VST sounds (application data) to an external since my OS drive is basically full.

What is the correct way of doing this?

You can move the data somewhere else and reference it from the original system location. BUT, you must use a SYMBOLIC LINK and not a regular alias. AND, unfortunately practically all of the recent Steinberg OSX updates (I can verify this for Cubase, HALion, and plenty more) are sloppy and fail to cope with external locations for sound data. Which means you have to delete the symbolic link prior to install, and reinstate afterwards.

OK - thanks man. I’ll look into Symbolic links. (Does that mean for updates like 8 to 8.0.20 also ??)

I was asking about my MBP but on my mac pro, I thought I had installed the data on a SSD drive. Perhaps that was 7.5 tho.

How can I check which directory cubase 8 and halion 5 are using? It just shows “VST sound” in the media bay - without showing it’s location. I have the data both on my OS drive and another SSD. How can I check which one its actually using?

  • Thats a waste of a whole lot of space on my quickest drive