I have been using hardware synths lately and curiosity may be getting the better of me. I would like to see the waveforms as I tweak the knobs of my synth so I can gain a better understanding of what they do in a visual format. In short does anyone know of a good oscilloscope I could use in cubase, or even stand alone.

Thanks in Advance,
Mr. Beer

Tektronix make the best scopes.

Very funny. We have a few of those where I work. They won’t let me take one home though. :ugeek:

I use a Leader Scope, about 30 years old though, then again my synth is about the same age.
People often wonder why I have it in the studio, but it’s an absolute necessity for keeping old vintage analogue synths in pristine working order. :wink:

I ended up using this. Soundcard Scope


Is there not one already in Cubase, or if there is, are you just not happy with it?




As far as I know, Cubase only has a mulitscope.

Thanks Mr Beer.