Ossia label on first system only

Is there a way to show an ossia staff label only on the first system in which the ossia appears? I don’t want a label on the following system. I have Staff labels set to None in the System Break> Properties>Format for that system but the ossia label still appears on the next system.

Hi @John_Ruggero ,
I don’t think there is an automatic way. (if someone knows please correct me).
A workaround is to disable the ossia Staff Labeling in Layout Options (deactivate Show label before ossia), then create the text (shift+X) for the Ossia Label at the beginning of the bar were you want it to appear, give it the Staff Label Paragraph Style (select the text/right click/Text/Change Paragraph Style…) and position it manually in Engrave Mode

Thanks, @Christian_R Since there appears to be no setting for this, I will use the workaround you mentioned. This will also allow me to position the “ossia” closer to the staff, since I couldn’t find a setting for that either.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ossia staff label out in the margin in piano music, nor is the whole system indented to accommodate it. If the ossia starts at the beginning of a system, the word ossia usually appears over the first notes in the ossia staff. If it starts in the middle of a system, the word appears before the staff. If the ossia continues on for another system or two, nothing more is needed. The fact that the staff is smaller and the context is enough to identify it as a continuation of the ossia.

Layout Options>Vertical Spacing>Ideal gaps>Ossia staff to Staff ?

Thanks @Janus. That’s good to know, but I meant that I would like to move the word “ossia” closer to the staff it is applies to. It’s a little further away that I am accustomed to seeing it. .

I suppose enabling the user to move staff labels in engrave mode would entail remaking an entire area of the program. If that were possible, one could just drag the second one off the page.

I was looking for an Engraving option to adjust the ossia staff labels, not the ability to move it in Engrave mode.

With all due respect, John, you seem to be asking the Development Team to spend hours reconfigure the program to save a relatively few users 3-5 seconds at the most. If reprogramming this is simple, I have no doubt you will get your wish, and I am all for that.

It is a testimony to how far Dorico ha come that so many feature requests seem to fall into the “it’s possible but I want it in 'one” click" category, whereas before almost all FR’s were for much more major, crucial items.


As you said, @Derrek, this is easily handled with text and the Team probably has fatter fish to fry. I was just hoping that there was a setting that I had missed, since it is already possible to adjust the positioning of other staff labels.

And I do consider it my duty, since I want Dorico to be the best possible software, to point out anything that I think could be improved, no matter how small, since fine music engraving is a collection of small details.

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