Ossia Staff Create

I’m using the latest version of Dorico Pro on windows 10.

I added a single bar ossia staff above and entered notes. I decided to make a change so deleted the bar to return to the normal bar. I selected a few more bars including the original bar then tried to add new ossia bars above the original bar.

Dorico keeps insisting on just re-adding the ossia bar and notes I deleted and will not add the new empty bars I selected.

I tried closing the project then restarting Dorico and opening my project but the same thing happens.

What do I need to do to simply add my new selection of empty ossia bars?


If you go View > Signposts and make sure they’re turned on, you should see that each ossia is actually two signposts - one to add the stave, and one to remove it.
I suspect when you initially deleted the ossia you only deleted the first of these signposts. You need to delete the second one, too, or Dorico will continue to respect it.

Thank you Piaoleo.

I checked the signposts then deleted all for the full staff line. I then selected two bars of the cleared staff and tried adding two ossia bars above but the same thing happened. Dorico is just re-adding the single ossia bar and notes I originally deleted.

I double-checked and there definitely are no signposts for that staff.

I don’t seem to be able to replicate your steps in a new project (or rather, I can replicate them but Dorico does what I expect it to do). If you could show at least a screenshot of what’s appearing when you try adding two ossia bars - with signposts turned on - then someone might be able to give further help.

I restarted Dorico and now I am able to add two or more ossia bars. The first still contains the notes I entered originally then deleted instead of being empty and the second is empty.

I just deleted the notes of the first bar and re-entered the wanted notes so I now do have what I want.

Thanks again.