Ossia Staff for IPad Pro, 2023

Hello, when will it be possible to add Ossia Stanff at Dorico? Is it so complicated, it’s very inconvenient to work on Ipad Pro.
Thank you

In Dorico for iPad, you cannot add ossia staves.

I think it’s at least partly due to the iPad is basically Dorico SE I think - it’s not Pro

Welcome to the forum, @donatasprus. Dorico for iPad with an active subscription or the Lifetime Unlock option is equivalent in functionality to Dorico Elements, broadly speaking, and extra staves/ossias/divisi remain features that are only included in Dorico Pro.

thank you. that’s how I understood it. so there are no plans to do this for the IpadPro as well?


Do you mean Dorico Pro on iPad? Otherwise, Dorico for iPad runs perfectly on my iPad Pro. But, as Daniel stated, as an equivalent to Dorico Elements on desktop.

I can’t say for sure whether the feature set of Dorico for iPad will always be nominally the same as the feature set of Dorico Elements, but that’s our current thinking. It’s also not impossible that Elements might someday gain support for ossias/extra staves, but that remains one of the key differentiators between Elements and Pro, so it’s not likely to change in the near future.

Hello, when can we expect Dorico pro for Ipad Ossia staff?

I think Daniel has been clear, above, that there are no current plans to add ossias to Dorico Elements or Dorico for iPad.


I suspect you’ll hear about it in the release notes of a new version, if it happens.

This is a much needed item at Ossia Staff. This is very relevant to me. Now I have to use Sibelius again. It is necessary to understand that in modern music it is necessary, like water for źubi.

Donatas Prusevicius

Well, it’s present in the desktop version…

This makes perfect sense from a business perspective. You really, really can’t expect all the features of their flagship program to be available on an ipad, even if the ipad IS capable of running said features.