Ossia staff with Cello in Flute part?

Hello. I was wondering if there’s a way to show a certain cello passage as an ossia staff in the flute part? I don’t want the ossia staff to appear in the full score just in the part for synchronisation purposes.

Maybe there’s a better term for this that I just don’t know, but I can’t seem to google my way to the answer so thought I’d make a topic here. Hope it’s not a bother.


This all depends from whether Staff Visibility options can be set Locally.
If they can, create the Ossia and copy-paste the cello line into it.
Edit the ossia staff to your liking, then use staff visibility options to hide it in the score for only that system.
Now switch to the part layout and reset the staff visibility, hoping this will stick.
If it doesn’t, maybe Layout Options > Vertical Spacing will let you set visibility on a per-layout basis.
Let us know how it goes.

You’re not thinking about a Cue, are you? That’s the usual way of showing one part within another, just so the player can see what’s going on.

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Maybe it is a cue while the flute is also playing.
At least, that’s what I understood.

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Hi @SimonF as suggested, you can use a Cue on the Ossia Staff. You don’t need to use Manual Staff Visibility: the ossia can be as long or short as you wish. You can then make the full bar rests in the Cue invisible (setting their Color Property with opacity at 0%, or just choose in the Notation Options/Rests/Bar rest in Cue → omit Bar rest for the flow, but this is global for the flow.) Or Just create a Player as Cue staff, where you can put your Cues and activate it in the Flute layout

The simplest route is to create a layout including both Flute and Cello. Then use manual staff visibility to hide the Cello when not required.


And then maybe give the cello staff in the flute part a smaller size. I’m reminded of Ravel’s great duo for violin and cello, where both parts have extensive extra staves showing the other part.