Ossia with TAB

Hi team,

Just yesterday I could have used an option to put an alternate melody into a score by way of an ossia, but with TAB underneath, but on top of the regular staff.
I’ve tried with “add staff” at a system break, and that works, but locks me into the “ossia” for the entire width of the page…


There’s an option for this:

Lillie, thx!

I just figured out how to have one bar neatly floating on top of the base staff, so far so good!
But can I also have multiple (2) extra staves on top of each other? And change one of them to be a TAB staff?

To be clear, when my original part is set to show Notation & TAB, all is well, then the additional staff also shows both.
If the original staff is Notation only, I can’t get TAB to show.

(Explanation: I do not use the built-in TAB functionality of Dorico as intended, since I want more flexibility in what is shown in the TAB-staff exactly.
At the moment, using the linked TAB facility there’s precious little control on what and how to show, therefore I resort to using a second player set to “TAB only” to achieve what I want…)

The extra staves refer back to what’s happening with the “home” staff/staves, so I don’t think it’s possible to show notation & tab above a home staff that’s only showing notation.

You might have to continue using the multiple players method, or drawing in short excerpts in extra frames as needed.