Ossia without tab for guitar with tab

I am trying to add an ossia to a guitar part (score and tab) but I want the ossia to show just a score and not the tab.
From a similar question at https://forums.steinberg.net/t/converting-tab-to-extra-or-ossia-staff/149186, actually the request is to have the tab and not the score, I deduce that this is not possible. Maybe it is not a good engraving practice, I admit I have no idea.

As a guitarist I can appreciate it. The best of both worlds for me might be two flows. One with tab that are meant for learning and might have just a few tricky bits illustrated. The pages could still be printed as a set together, depending on what you are making. The tabbed flow could be like front’s piece if it is short. At performance time I want ALL of the space back. :slight_smile:

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Not sure what you want.

  1. Do you want the ossia in the score and not the part?
  2. Do you want the ossia to show a notation staff and not a tab staff?

I am sorry I misused the words.
My question was supposed to be generic: when I have a fretted instrument with ‚ÄúNotation and Tablature‚ÄĚ checked on I would like the ossia only with the notation and not with the tablature just to save space.

Not a problem. :slight_smile:

The only way around this I can think of, is to have 2 players. One Notation only, the other Tab only. This break the linked Notation/Tab feature and the music will have to be duplicated for both players.

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