OSX 10.6.6 Cubase5 64bit?

What do I have to do to install Cubase5 64bit in osx 10.6.6?
I’ve installed Cubase 5.0 and after the update 5.5.2. But it never showed me anywhere where I could choose the 64bit version?
On PC I know it’s a different file in the installation dvd, But on Mac I can’t find it…!
Does it even exists the version 64bit for Mac OS ??!!
Regards to all.

Cubase 5 is not 64bit on the Mac

Sadly this is true.

However we (mac users) are hoping this will change with the release of C6.

Another point to consider is, once 64bit arrives,
any 3rd party plugs will also have to be updated to 64bit in order to work.

But maybe Steiny will release some kind of a 32bit to 64bit ‘bridge magic’
that allows users to continue to use current 32bit plugs in a 64bit enviorment.

But I doubt if that will happen.

Oh yeah, to take full advantage of 64bit, you will have to get more ram memory as well. $$$$
At least ram is pretty cheap these days.


Argh, I didn’t think of that. So I suppose from a Cubase perspective the 8GB upgrade for my Mac didn’t accomplish anything. :imp:

Well. I think that after almost 10 years of using Cubase, now the time to change to another DAW has arrived. Since I’m no longer using PC I will also have to change the DAW. :imp:
I will miss it…


Cubase 6 will be 64-bit on Mac OS X 10.6



Remember the VST bridge in C4? Now that was helpful…


we will post later this evening some more details regarding Cubase 6 64-bit on Mac OS X 10.6 after we have announced Cubase 6 at NAMM.



can’t wait chris! what time will this be.

10.30 California time rings a bell, think that’s in about 2 hours…

Hi folks,
I’m just about to install OS 10.6.6 update. I’m currently up to date with Cubase 5.5.2.
Will I have any weirdnesses? (other than the usual, of course. LOL)

Looks like my 7 gig of ram ain’t gonna field the bulldog when C6/64 bit rears it’s lovely head.
I’m running a Mac Pro Quad core 2.6.6 Nehelem, 4 hard drives. (1 tb each)
I’m doing mainly vocals, some instrumental overdubs, and Mastering.
How much more additional ram, ya think?

Wishing all here great success and most of all HAPPINESS with your musical endeavors.