OSX 10.6.8, FW Driver version/MR Extension

Where do I find the:

  1. FW Driver number (Found it but it still shows FW 1.7.0!!!) I even deleted the .kext driver file and a fresh install and still have 1.7.0 showing in the about page under the control panel
  2. MR Extension number ???
  3. MR Editor number is correct 1.6.0

I just updated to the 1.7.2 Tools for MR and am wanting to check and make sure everything matches up and its not of course :smiling_imp:


I am checking this now and let you know!

Still checking this?? :astonished:

Yes, because I would have let you know otherwise :wink:


I guess Ill have to wait till C7 for a simple answer :unamused:

How long must I wait for a SIMPLE answer??? :imp:

Appears to be FIXED now



Glad to hear it’s fixed and happy to help my friend. Sorry for the delay in getting you the info.