OSX 10.7 RAM consumption

I have recently updated from OSX 10.6 to 10.7 and it feels like I’m running out of RAM earlier now than I used to. Is this normal?

Aloha w,
I have not noticed any increase in ram usage (see sig) but with
10.7 Lion, you never know. It can be one weird beast.

I’ll keep a sharper eye out for this.

about to ‘pounce’ this summer is 10.8 Mountain Lion.

—here we go again

Thanks for your reply, curteye

My music computer is used for all other tasks as well, hence there are probably applications doing tasks in the background that is not favourable to the memory usage.
It got a little better when I uninstalled Adobe InDesign and did some som other minor tweaks (set Dropbox to off at start up, etc). Perhaps turning iCloud off (if possible?) will help.

At start up the memory usage is now 1 GB, down from 1,2 GB.

10.7 bogged my macbook down. Killed the battery in half the time. Ran hot. Went back to 10.6 and it was FAST again. Nice and snappy. Got my battery life back and dont burn my legs or desk.

Kill the HYPE. 10.7 + eats balls! LOL@those who keep “upgrading”.

What he said…as an aside, what was the procedure for the ‘downgrade’?