OSX 10.9 - Middle mouse button scrolling broken


I was hoping this would be fixed in C7.5 for Mac OSX 10.9, but unfortunately it’s still broken:

When holding the middle mouse button down on the arrange page, you could smoothly pan and navigate around the session. For mouse users, it’s much nicer than using scroll bars, and it’s the smoothest way of navigating possible for me.

I use this all the time to get around inside a project, but this navigation mode is broken in 10.9, for all Cubase versions (tested on C6.5.4, C7.0.6 and now 7.5.0). It worked fine on 10.8 Mountain Lion so it must be something that changed in the OS, however the same feature works fine in other programs like Logic (i.e you can still use the middle mouse button to move around).

I would really appreciate this being fixed asap! Can anyone else verify this is broken for them too?


I should point out that 7.5 is excellent, by the way - a massive step up from 7.0.6 in my view.

If Steinberg can fix the middle mouse scrolling issue, then happy days are here again!

Will be testing it on Mavericks soon to confirm.

huh …

my mouse button works fine …?

You can scroll around the page freely by holding and dragging with your middle mouse button (or scroll wheel or whatever)?? I get the hand symbol, so it’s registered the click, but I can’t drag the page around at all…

What kind of mouse do you have? Thanks!