OSX 64-bit restrictions apply to Win7 too?

As per Chris Beuermann’s sticky at the top of this subforum, OSX 64-bit has a number of restrictions, most notably:

  • OMF import/export
  • Print functions
  • MP3 import/export
  • Rewire support
  • PowerPC plug-ins not available.

While I can live with (or work around) some of this, OMF and MP3 import/export are kind of vital to my workflow. And I still get a lot of mileage out of the ancient Tonic plug-in.

I do not know if the OMF/MP3 do not work because they have not yet been ported to 64-bit, but if not: do they work in Cubase 64-bit for Win7?

And have the old plug-ins like Tonic been ported to VST3/64-bit on Windows?

Then there is the bit about the VST bridge. Do its restrictions apply to Win7 as well?

Questions from a Mac user who is wondering whether it’s time to jump ship. Thank you.

That list isn’t updated.

The OMF and MP3 import/export works on the last update.

OK, thanks.

Anything else I should be aware of before upgrading from 5.5.3? Does C6 run smooth and painless in 64-bit?