OSX Catalina support


Will there be a new driver that will work properly under OSX Catalina? We would hope that Steinberg-Yamaha is working closely with Apple to have these drivers ready in time, release date is close. There were quite a few issues with Mojave and this driver, and I do hope we can get some news soon? Someone already posted that beta test failed any other news yet?
We need good driver support for mac!


I’m bumping the thread. I treat this as a major yes/no concern in regards to upgrading the macOS. I know there’re many things that have changed drastically with Catalina (like infamous no 32-bit support, app notarization), but I do hope Steinberg is working hard on those. Fingers crossed!

I am waiting for an “earlier” information on compability with Catalina too.


Here, they said we should wait for the end of October for further information on compability with Catalina. So I have to wait for at least 20 more days to learn that my UR 44 is or is not compatible with Catalina. Isn’t it a little bit late?

In my opinion, the drivers should have been ready by the release date for a smooth transition. All other companies do that! :exclamation:

Not true. I can say absolutely for a fact that my employer waits for updates to be released, then tests, then tells us we can update on our company issued devices. They don’t bother with “pre-releases” because they often get changed again. Maybe a developer with a calculator app can quickly and easily test their app on a new release but Major software suites are much more complex.

I am sorry but I don’t think that a driver for UR 44 Audio Interface is a major software suite. It shouldn’t take a whole month to update a driver.

Steinberg has many other software applications that all work together (i.e. a suite). Cubase, UR44, VST Instruments, etc.

Well, my UR44 can be compatible with all Steinberg products, but it shouldn’t be dependent on any of them. I don’t even think this is the case here. Because a major company like Steinberg should have proper resources and manpower to deal with all of their products at every level at the same time, let alone making a simple driver ready in time of a major release of a major operating system.

Unfortunately, the only logical explanation I can think of is they don’t have enough Mac users to force them care about their Mac support anymore. I can’t blame Mac users here. Since 2015 when I bought my first Mac and UR44 together, I haven’t seen a single Mac OSX release that wasn’t a big question mark for Steinberg products. They always seem to be uncertain about whether they will support Mac or not. Believe it or not, all other companies that I have products of (and they are not calculators either) released updates to their software way before Steinberg every time. So please bear with me if I don’t trust Steinberg more than a fictional company which supports their small fictional calculator app properly. :slight_smile:

In conclusion, although I find a month is too long to wait for a driver, I will have to wait for it. I can’t do anything about it other than showing my reaction over here. But am I sure that I am going to see a proper steady driver update instead of a discontinuation message by then? No, I can’t say that, because they can’t say that either. All I can do is crossing my fingers and survive this Mac OSX release yet again.

I don’t think they will discontinue support for UR on Catalina. I hope they get a driver for it soon and I am sure they want to.


All of you having problems with your UR hardware series on OS X Catalina, try reinstall the latest driver (1.10.5). (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg).

My UR 22 Mark II did not show up in the OS after upgrading. Reinstalling the driver solved it for me. I.e, the audio interface is working properly again.

My UR824 is useless at this point as far as Catalina is concerned. I can still use it as a standalone hardware mixer to listen to CD playback (dspMix software mixer is dead, though), and of course, Cubase 10.0.40 is totally useless until it can see my UR824. What pisses me off the most about the Steinberg/Yamaha delay/excuse is the fact everything else on my system - EVERYTHING - works, so those developers had their act together in time. Just not Cubase or the UR. I’ve been with Cubase since version 7. I like the software. But the “please wait months while we catch up” annual cycle is motivating a serious investigation of Logic. Surely Apple keeps its own DAW functional.

Steinberg: “Just one moment. The sun is warming up.” Megamind: The Sun is Warming Up - YouTube

I agree with all of these.

Yes, Logic was updated within the same day with Catalina. It’s great about that but it can’t see my UR44 either. So it doesn’t matter until Steinberg do something about it or better I do something about it.

Steinberg shouldn’t just go ahead and say “Don’t update your operating system because we are not ready”! It is only one company with one product for me. All others did their job and updated their products in time again.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury to think that Steinberg has good intentions or whether they want to support Mac or not. At the end of the day my audio interface is totally useless at the moment and I have a life.

For a change, I think I am going to invest in a better audio interface from a better company this time. No more annual waiting!

Farewell Steinberg! I discontinue with you…

Fresh Catalina case arrived:

  1. MacBook Pro 2018
  2. LogicX Pro (no side plugins using)
  3. Steinberg Yamaha ur22mkII

Well, yesterday I’ve installed Catalina.
After launching Logic the Steinberg-Yamaha was immediately lost from the audio/midi devices list.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Steinberg drivers.
Same situation: after launching logic — device lost, no sound.
Before Catalina all was perfect on the same gear.
Feeling the volcano between me and my seat, sorry.

I had my UR 44 since it first came out, I love it, but I don’t like Steinberg support of their products, to long for updates and I totally agree there is a reason why apple put out beta of new OS,its for developers to start testing. By the time a new OS is released all products should have been tested.
I honestly think its time for a change and trust me I am not going to get another Steinberg interface, I am looking at a UAD or a Apogee.

wow… i bought i mac this year so i’m new with os
didnt know about this happening, well… how much time does it take?
nowadays, i’m checking everyday official ur28m web
stiill waiting

While I’ve always had issues with the drivers (funnily enough, the only other software giving me ongoing issues being the Steinberg eLicenser), I’ve kept the UR824 as my main audio interface, for how good it sounds.

Should it be considered at its end, together with the others in the series? Is there a statement on this somewhere?


New here, thanks in advance for hearing me out:
Last week,I finally upgraded to Catalina (2014 desktop Mac).
Like other cases here, it knocked out the drivers for my UR-RT2.
I followed through on the re-installation process- twice- and still nothing.
Everything was fine before the upgrade was completed.
I’m hoping this is resolved very soon.

Any ETA on Steinberg for catalina fixes?

I’ve been stuck with no ASIO driver running for my UR22mkII since I upgraded two weeks ago.
Had a similar issue with IKMultimedia and Authorisation Manager but they’ve pitched it already.
I won’t be doing any more OS updates without a bit research from now on.

PS just switched over to H4n as my audio interface, no problems at all, but not as convenient as my UR22

I just sign-up to comment on this thread.
Day by day, i visit this page just to hear something new and good. But till today, my ur22mkii just sit on my table, and a lot of my job stuck because of this trouble.

I am not sure if this will help anyone, but this has been my experience, which i solved.

I upgraded to catalina and could not get the UR44 to work. It would not recognize it or present it on the list of available units to choose from.

I finally figured it out., Here is what i did.

Prior to reinstalling the appropriate UR44 from the Steinberg website, I opened my privacy and security settings on my Imac. I unlocked the component that prevents non apple products from installing. I then installed the driver and it worked. The UR44 is back up and running like normal.

Seems that what was happening is that each time the driver attempted to be installed, my Imac was preventing it from fully running.

Hope this helps someone else.

If anyone else has had success enabling playback or recording on the UR44 (or similar) after updating to macOS Catalina (10.15), I would greatly appreciate if you could detail exactly how you achieved this. If you could share your Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version number (V1.10.5?), any reinstallation procedure, whether or not your device is in class-compliant mode, and any other information that might let others replicate your success, that would be very helpful.

Also, for those like me who missed this quiet update, it seems we should expect formal support in January of 2020:

To Steinberg: It is truly unacceptable, and frankly infuriating, for it to take 6 months from the release of a new OS’s beta (in June 2019) to add driver support for products that cost hundreds of dollars, boast “ultra-stable drivers”, and are completely useless until this support is added. That it took 4 months to arrive at an estimated release date is simply absurd. Do better.