[OSX] Cubase 5 - Media Bay issues / Updating Media Files...

hey there Steinberg board!

I’m on Cubase 5 - OSX 10.6.8

I have a weird issue with the Media Bay that didn’t seem to happen a while back and continues to get worse. After using the media Bay in a track for a bit - it big time slows down and takes forever to load samples from a folder! I have to usually “rescan disc” then after a while the samples show up. The longer i work on the track the longer it takes to locate samples… really frustrating… When i try to close the track that had the media bay problems it says "updating media files… " and takes forever to close.

Anyone ever deal with this problem? Is it a bug? I just upgraded to 5.5.3 hoping it would help but it didnt.

any help would be great!

The only similar issue I have encountered is when I allow the media bay to scan whole discs (mine are big and packed with junk) ad it kept on scanning in the background, understandably. After telling MB only to scan certain folders for content (Steiberg program and user folders, VST folder and other folders I keep music data in) I never had any related problems.


ah makes sense - will look into this.thanks! It also does it for halion instruments when searching for something with the instrument.