OSX doesn't close CUBASE 9.5

Hello all,
my name is Luca Di Dedda and i’m a Cubase user.
I’ve a Mac Book Pro MID 2012 wit 8 GB RAM, HIGH SIERRA, with MOTU ULTRALITE MK3 latest driver any plugin or vst are licensed.
I’ve a issue when I close cubase, it doesn’t close, I have to force it.
Have you any ideas about the issue?
Thank you in advance.


Do you close a project, or do you quit Cubase?

I quit Cubase.
I’m looking for a log file, i think some vst instruments could lock the end of process…

I would expect, one of the plug-in is not released correctly from the memory.

I agree.
Fabio from support contacted me about the issue, we are checking logfile.

one trick that SOMETIMES helps:

-close current project, leave Cubase open
-let the new project open
-try quit cubase

I dont know why this sometimes helps for me…i think Cubase flushes/refreshes/kills processes and memory when you close a big project and open a new project within Cubase.

Hope this helps!