OSX: How to install C8 Pro ?

Hi !

I am a legal owner of C7 /C7.5 (mac).

I did a complete clean install of my macbook a few days ago; haven’t had time to install C7.
But i am going to buy C8 Pro. (downloadable update).

Now here’s my question:

Is it sufficient enough (content wise) to just install the C8 Pro update or do i first have to install C7, then C 7.5 and then C8 Pro to be sure all content is available to me ?

Hope 2 hear from you. :smiley:

Because of the size I would say, the update path is needed. Just grab from here the full installer http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_75&L=1 and than update.

Has any one been able to install Cubase Pro 8 on OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?