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I know there is an announcement about it and there is a “list” with compatible applications.

However: this list is empty up to this date…I am a Cubase 6 user and made the transition to Mac a few weeks ago. I am entitled to a free upgrade to Lion which I should claim before 30 days after…??? Apple is unclear about when: after the release of Lion? after the purchase of the computer…?

Anyway: Lion is a big update that A LOT of people will like to do IMMEDIATELY (me included). For starters only available through the APP store. You can see it coming: a lot of impulsive upgrades…

So I think Cubase should be ready BEFORE Lion is released…And so I am getting a bit worried :slight_smile:


Aloha H,
I totally get your point but most of us will not ‘jump’ to Lion right away.

This is because we (I) have learned this lesson the hard way.

Apple sometimes makes major product shifts and
musicians (because we use so many 3rd party
products) are typically last to benefit.
This is because we have to wait for other stuff/products to ‘catch up’.

I think it will be the same situation with Lion.

Also when it comes to Steinberg/Yamaha,
how will they take advantage/use these new Lion features? [C7 anybody?]

Which brings up the question:
For Cubase to remain truly ‘cross platform’ will certain features (Mac or Win)
not be used in Cubase because the other platform does not support them?

Interesting times ahead.

1 July:




Apple is going mobile. :frowning: Our desktop workhorses are soon to be iPaded. I for one am APPALLED by this! I wonder how our projects will hold up in an iOS…

I HATE the App store as well. Well, kinda. Its nice, but why is it soon to be the ONLY option? One more chain to lock us down.

You can burn a boot disc of the download before you install Lion.
Details are here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1189888

Supposedly,the files from the Mac App Store are downloaded to
/Users//Library/Application Support/AppStore/
and once complete moved to /Applications/

So it looks like you can receive the Lion upgrade you’re entitled to, then sit on it until Cubase and important third party plug-ins are Lion compatible.

Hey Chris,

This I know as I am saying in my first post. Lion is in July and the article you are pointing to gives no timeframe for Cubase and the list with compatible software is empty…

Hey thanks. Propably just what I needed :slight_smile:


I am still interested why isn’t there a definite answer about whether or not its working or not.
There is already a GM (Gold Master) from a week ago (which is usually similar to the final version).

Some rumors say Cubase 6 doesn’t work but i’d like to hear a definite answer before deciding to upgrade or not.

Much Appreciated,


Please have a look here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=10086

We aim to release the 6.0.3 update for Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 by the end of July.

Apart from a small issue with VST Connections (one time reconnecting of connections required for some USB interfaces) if updating from OS X 10.6 to 10.7, Cubase 6.0.3 is OS X 10.7 Lion compatible.



Hey Chris, thank you - that was the answer i looked for :slight_smile:

So, 6.0.2 (the latest version) will currently not work , right? And if i bought 6 a month ago, the 6.0.3 update is free if i remember correctly?

Thanks again
Shai :slight_smile:

Hello Chris,

Thank you. Looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Best install Cubase 6.0.3 first and then update to Lion?


I would bet that Cubase 6.0.2 would work fine in Lion, but I don’t know if I want to be a guinea pig… Anybody out there planning on doing that on a non-mission critical machine? It’d be nice to have some of the advantages of the upgrade now. (instead of in two weeks, lol. I sound addicted to upgrades. Also I got a free copy of OS 10.7 due to having bought my new Macbook Pro after June 6)

Usually i wouldn’t mind trying but i’m just in the middle of working on some stuff that are missing critical and i can’t risk that with an upgrade :slight_smile: I’d love to hear about compatibility for 6.0.2 and lion if any is available (:

Hi, Lion is a fact as of now!

From what iv’e read, Lion does NOT run or allow the installatiion of Rosetta…And I remember Cubase needing to have this installed when I installed Cubase. I think there is some old code inside a few older VSTI’s that require Rosetta. And Cubase will NOT install without installing these VSTI’s.

Just guessing this would be the biggest culprit…I just think it would be wise to wait for the 6.0.3 update of Cubase…


Im pretty sure Cubase 6 is a Universal Binary, as it never requested any Rosetta support from my system …

Let’s wait for chris to confirm :slight_smile: I’m trying to be optimistic :slight_smile:

Cubase does not require Rosetta to run itself per several threads on the forum.


We recommend to wait with Lion till the Cubase 6.0.3 update



Despite the recommendation, will it basically work? At least for basic features? (recording/editing)

Stop asking, Chris can only say the official word on this, as well he should.

If someone tries it we will know, if not it’s only ten days till the target release of 6.0.3.

With all due respect a forum is for public discussion :slight_smile: As long as my words don’t harm anyone I see no reason for a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Those who look for answers must ask questions :slight_smile: