OSX on Mac Pro Desktop: Where to go after OS 10.7.5?

Hi there! I am looking for real-world-experience based recommendations on your DAWs, with Mac. I happen to use Nuendo (currently 5.5, in 64-bit mode) on a Mac Pro 5,11 from mid-2010. I am sure I will be upgrading Nuendo in the near future. I am outfitted with 96GB of RAM, as I use a lot of a larger sample libraries (example, EW Hollywood Series). I am also upgrading my internal drives to SSDs in the coming weeks.

I am generally happy with the performance of everything, even now–but alas, a lot of new Kontakt-based sample libraries are starting to require OS 10.8 or later.

So where to go from here? 10.8, 9 or 10? Which Mac OS will yield the best DAW performance and stability on an older Mac Pro machine?

Thank you for your comments!


I was trying to do a same update from Lion ( 10.7) and after many hours of collecting info, it looks as you can only go to Yosemite.
I really wanted to have 10.9, but as far as I know it is not possible. At least not via Apple.I could be wrong, of course.

BTW, I am running N7 on W7/64 and happy. ( yeah…the known bugs beside )
My Avid PT therefore will be abandoned .

best of luck

I picked up a bootable flash drive with os 10.9.5 on it…off of ebay for $13 shipping prepaid. :slight_smile: