OSX Retina support for Cubase Pro 8 - any update?

Hi guys

Wondering if the Steinberg mods are able to indicate whether Retina support is being worked on for an update of Cubase 8, or whether this won’t be on offer until C8.5 or C9?

Probably pushing it, but a rough ETA for this would be valuable if possible, too.


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Quick question:

I use a Macbook Retina and C8 looks good in all resolutions.

Whats the point for you about Retina support?


Aloha guys.

Yes would be nice but I don’t believe it is a ‘top’ priority for Steiny.

Anyway as Paul posted, C8 still looks great on my MBP.

Good Luck!

Thanks guys,

Appreciate the insight as to how C8 looks on Retina MacBooks.

I have a Retina iMac 27" - I’m currently using Logic and have done so for the last decade, but looking to move back to Cubase (which I used in the 90s and early 2000s).

Keen to know how it might look on my Retina iMac - just as good as on a Retina MacBook?


And frankly my Amiga 2000’s DAC should be good enough for everyone.

Well, i have no problems at all regarding visibility and graphics with C8.
I thought this could be interesting for other users,
because the initial post suggests that C8 does not look or work properly with Retina Macs.
This is not the case, at least on my system.

Again, C8 looks good here in any resolution.


You can download the demo and judge for yourself.


Just bought Cubase 8 Pro about 6 months ago, loving it… after over 10 years apart…!!!

Went to Ableton Live. Now, there’s 100% no turning back. It is fantastic, the workflow, superb, I just love it once again!

However, yea… I can live without Retina support, but it would be a very nice thing to have, especially as I could get more space!

For example, Sublime Text is now super smooth on Retina displays… how would Cubase 8 Pro be on retina!!! Awwww… like a dream.

Yea… I really would like to see this update soon… very soon.

I just bought 2 UAD 2 devices, UAD 2 Twin & the Satellite Quad. New monitors, macbooks… all I want now is the retina support and I really do believe Cubase would look absolutely stunning in Retina, I understand the work to go into it. But yes it would be worth it.

I wonder how far off we are?

Any answers? It is not a music making killer, but it is top in my top 5 list of wants (cubase 8 pro).

Curved Automation
Mixer folders

I will think of more

The editing has came leaps and bounds. I love it.

Same question here! Today I installed Cubase Pro 8 on my new Macbook Pro 15 Retina and my first thought was that my GPU was glitching! But my surprise was even bigger when I learned that Cubase 8 has no support for Retina displays?!? Honestly it never crossed my mind, but I do hope that they’ll release the update soon!

It’s strange to have no retina support for so long period.
I think thant Steinberg should to tell us some issue date, at least!
Hey, a lot of people here have this question for years, maybe it’s time to announce update and to make it?

I wish they would sort this out. I’m running on a 5k iMac and Cubase looks fuzzy and hard to read compared to Logic - Steinberg aren’t using the proper Apple API, so even simple things like file save dialog boxes look crappy. It’s not just the main application - all plugins are affected too. FabFilter have released ‘retina’ versions of some of their plugins, but they revert back to low resolution fuzzy UI in Cubase. :frowning:

It’s not as noticeable on a retina Macbook because the physical screen is smaller, but on a 27" Hi-DPI screen Cubase looks like hell. Here are some screengrabs…

Cubase UI (fuzzy text throughout)

Fabfilter Pro-Q2 in Cubase vs Logic

Can we please get some kind of company or moderator response on this? This is one of those scenarios that makes me feel like Steinberg doesn’t really care about or is stupidly out of touch with its users.

Would also like an update on this, my new i7 retina Imac arrives in a week.

I am also upgrading my mac to iMac retina… so now I am concerned…

Can we have an update to when retina support will be available? Or is anyone in Steinberg listening to these requests? I’m on the fence here about switching to Logic Pro X (already retina support - amongst others).

Please can we have an update as yes, now seeing Cubase 8 Pro on a larger screen there is a huge difference. It’s just ugly to look at.

I am also considering buying an iMac, to use cubase pro 8 and mainly because it has a superb display.

If C8 doesn’t support it and won’t in the near term I need to know please.


I deeply regret that my contribution to the Forum is a complaint. I am C user since version 3 and I never felt so disappointed by any other product of any brand. I think it was the time of migrares. One minor error is not ignore the thousands of users who are spending lots of money in upgrading their computer so steinberg does not rise to the occasion. :imp:

here here!

…and it doesn’t seem like Steinberg to be behind regarding technology. I hope the silence from the mods mean that they are working on it.

+1 for this but on the windows side.
My 1920x1200 screen looks better than my blurry high DPI 4k screen which contrasts with other DAWs I’ve used that are high DPI, also can we not call high DPI screens retina its a marketing term, which doesnt reflect reality