OSX Retina support for Cubase Pro 8 - any update?

Logic Pro X = Retina Support.

I just bought it, testing it out.

Steinberg… you guys are just not listening to your customers! Guys, we need updates here! When will Cubase 8 Pro support retina and for FREE!!! No Paid upgrade to support retina, it’s a must be requirement, not a feature, but a simple 1 + 1 = 2 algorithm.

People use retina screens, have done for years! Support for retina would be pretty much a done deal. Now considering iMac is here in my home. Cubase… I love it. But nah… sorry Steinberg, you just are NOT listening to the people who forked out a few hundred bucks on software that SHOULD (this is NOT a feature) support retina!

Logic, Protools and Studio One looks awesome on the mac.

Now we just wait for the best DAW to jump on board: Cubase :smiley:


The “best” DAW to jump on board?

Hmm… yea. We all forked out quite a few bucks on this software. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re charged for the retina fix.

When is this coming? Is anyone actually in the know, does anyone anywhere in Steinberg know when Cubase 8 Pro will support retina display and WHEN!

I’ve tried Logic Pro out, it’s VERY nice, I can’t diss it, all DAW’s have their pro’s and con’s. One major flaw I have noticed is, the DAW’s I’ve recently tried all support retina… odd how Cubase doesn’t!

I have requested this since Day 1 of version 8’s release.

Bumping to the keep retina support for Mac and HDPI support for Windows on Steinberg’s radar for ALL of their products.

So Steinberg, what is the official word?

PS. Cubase is so fuzzy it looks like Cousin It compared to DP9, Live 9, Logic Pro X, and Studio One V3.

Any official word?

Steinberg this has been “considered” for years, when will retina support be released?


I still cannot believe how bad Cubase looks on my rMBP. What’s the word on when this will be supported? I’m guessing it’ll be hidden an an 8.5 or 9.0 update that we have to pay for.


Having retina support (along with with HD support for Windows) with the 8.5 update would be great. Even though the update would be a paid update, you’d end up getting value for your money - especially if Sternberg keeps the .5 updates at $49 USD.

However, if it is not included in 8.5 well then I am ready to update to Pro Tools HD on 12/31.

In keeping with Steinberg release tradition, we may find out a week from this Wednesday?

On the Mac side, people have been asking for three years now. This is high on my wish list for 8.5 along with significantly developed step-pattern and arpeggiator improvements. Competitors are there already…

same question - retina support!

Has this changed since 8.5?

I think this requirement is a general 4K on Windows and Retina and/or 5K issue.

For example on my 4K windows system things like Groove Agent are way too small and do not take advantage of the additional real-estate.

I’d like to see the plugins looking as good as the ones on Logic Pro X. But if you use Logic Pro X, you will see that some of their plugins are also not designed for Retina. Its a work in progress.

I have used C8 on an iMac (pre 5K) and it looks wonderful.

C8.5 actually looks better than C8 on my 4K monitor so I can progress in this direction. I hope that C9 will make a dramatic leap in this area

With Cubase 8.0.35 now installed on an iMac 27 5K, I must say it’s really annoying when, after answering some mails, checking this forum and moving some files around, you go back to Cubase with the odd feeling that your most-used application is the only one which is slightly out of focus… Not a deal breaker, just seem a bit off.

OK, I don’t know why no one from Steinberg commented on this, but I can confirm that most of Cubase 8.5 has been updated to support Retina displays. Some icons were kept from v8 and are still a bit fuzzy but most of the interface is as crisp as the rest of OSX.

My guess is they’re saving “complete” Retina compatibility as a 9.0 feature.

Adding my voice to the request for Retina support. I’m returning to Cubase after a couple of years using only Live. I’ve got a newish MBP and Cubase 8.0.40 looks bad on it. Some graphics are alright but much of it makes me think I need new glasses.

Is anyone from Steinberg reading these posts? An official response to this issue would be much appreciated.