OSX-Rock and Hard Place

Dropping Mavericks was premature. Is Steinberg aware that Apple in their infinite control freakery will not allow an upgrade to Yosemite anymore? So if we upgrade to El Capitan we cannot use our Steinberg hardware MR816s because Steinberg has not made working drivers yet (will they? Who knows? Not the customers who provide Support for Steinberg).

A DAW without inputs and outputs is a curiousity.

I’ve been on 10.8.2 and have never updated as it’s the most stable system I’ve had.

8.0.2 has been working great with it and I’m worried what can of worms I might be opening by upgrading to El Capitan.

Can anyone confirm 8.5 is working on OSX 10.8? I know it’s not supported any longer, just looking for feedback from other Mac users.

The really annoying is IF you have downloaded it (Yosemite) from the App store it is still there and available, if you have not at any time, then the only option is El Capitan. Why it is not available is beyond me. As you rightly say a lot of audio stuff doesn’t work in El Capitan BTW Halion Sonic 2 isn’t even qualified for Yosemite !!!

8.5 does work on 10.9 and importantly 8.5 projects open in 8 if there are issues.

After a couple of days in 8.5 it does seem that it is working well in Mavericks so far. I am glad its working for you in 10.8 as well. I remember though how things gradually crapped out with Snow Leopard (the best OSX imo) despite software manufacturers claiming compatibility.

I guess Apple users should probably download every OS version even if we don’t like it and don’t intend to install it. Honestly, I don’t even like Mavericks. Gone seems to be the days of a lean, customizable machine.

Thankfully Steinberg is still adding features rather than wiping out swaths of them at a time.

It’s not difficult to source a copy of Yosemite, should you want to install it.


I am interested too. I spent some time googling links that all went back to Apple telling me “you can’t”. Since its an OS I wouldn’t want to trust a shady source like the last one I tried that filled my screen with attack warning pop-ups.

Sent PM to you guys.