OSX + UR44c, 2.0.5 / 3.0.5 drivers crash the system

I’ve got a UR44c on a 2018 mac mini via USB-C and the 2.0.5 driver on Catalina would crash the whole computer after a couple of days. Going back to 2.0.3 it was solid for months.

I recently updated it to Big Sur as Apple has been bothering me to for some months, 2.0.3 no longer works so with a sigh I installed 3.0.5 hoping it was actually stable given it’s been the latest release for some time.

No, it is not. My computer has crashed in the night after 2 days with the Yamaha USB driver front and centre in the crash log.

I’ve done a time machine backup, reinstall and restore of the whole computer, and it was stable before with 2.0.3 so I don’t think it’s the hardware.

Any ideas?


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I have the same problem on macbook pro 2017 with big sur 11.1
2.0.5 and 3.0.5 periodically crash the system, but with 2.0.3 no crashes

here is last kernel extensions backtrace for crash

            dependency: com.apple.driver.AppleBusPowerController(1.0)[D1476993-053E-3169-BC6E-52C98F57801E]@0xffffff800918c000->0xffffff800918ffff
            dependency: com.apple.driver.AppleSMC(3.1.9)[D674490B-26E7-312B-9E8E-03250124CCC6]@0xffffff8009494000->0xffffff80094acfff
            dependency: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBCommon(1.0)[6A5D1CE8-2016-3F4A-B7EB-C696354F9D15]@0xffffff80095e1000->0xffffff80095e4fff
            dependency: com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHostMergeProperties(1.2)[F2C4C493-4BFB-3427-AECB-8ED237D074F5]@0xffffff800ac59000->0xffffff800ac59fff
            dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily(1.4)[C8F0E837-965A-3EB4-B8F6-4C2142046028]@0xffffff800a2d7000->0xffffff800a2d8fff
            dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily(300.6.1)[5F231B4B-7E8C-3F8A-844B-CE489D7529C0]@0xffffff800a33a000->0xffffff800a357fff
            dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily(1.2)[A4EDF9D5-1A4C-35EA-A92E-88332B37F8D9]@0xffffff800ab5e000->0xffffff800abeafff```

There’s a new 3.1.1 driver which managed to crash my Mac within around 18 hours.

In the absence of any input at all from Steinberg, I’ve ordered a Scarlett 4i4 which is a standard class compatible device and doesn’t need 3rd party drivers to do its thing, other than an app to modify its internal signal routing.

If anyone wants a cheap ur44c look on ebay in the new year.