OT: avenues for performance

I’ve written a work for choir and string orchestra.

My background is in producing my own albums in jazz / electronic / ambient styles, so I have no experience or track record in this genre.

If any one has words of wisdom about avenues for getting something like this played by real musicians, I would really appreciate it. I’m sure my chances as an uncommissioned unknown are very small, but I’d like to give it a go!

Here’s a link just in case you’d like to check the basic quality level before giving any advice. It’s an 80 minute work for string orchestra and SATB choir, and it’s about the COVID Pandemic.

Two Resolutions Mockups

It’s rendered from a Dorico project using NP / NPPE with BBCSO Core, Hollywood Choirs and Spitfire Solo Strings.

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That’s an incredible amount of work, but unfortunately due to the length and ensemble size, that’s going to be a really tough piece to get performed without other commissions and connections out there.

  1. Apply for a grant to “write” it. Some grants come with $$$ for performance and you don’t have to tell them you already are done with it. (I had a composition teacher who never applied for grants until they had already finished the piece, LOL)
  2. You can try various “call for scores” but at 80 minutes I can’t imagine you’ll have any takers trying it that way. Maybe submit a single self-contained movement.
  3. Network locally. Hang out or go drinking with musicians in a regional symphony or choir, get to know the conductor, and have a 10 minute self-contained movement or another shorter piece ready to go. A college or even high school potentially could work too if it’s accessible enough. Self-produce a smaller piece with a smaller ensemble at a local venue and invite them. Once you’ve had a smaller piece performed, lobby to have other pieces performed if successful. Eventually work up to the entire 80 minute work.
  4. Hire an agent. There are agents with connections to have pieces placed in performances. Again, probably need to start with placing a smaller piece and gradually work up to the full work.
  5. Win the lottery and produce it yourself. Rent out a venue and hire the orchestra.

Almost all of my own commissions have been through networking, so I don’t have any interesting advice other than start small and network. Good luck!


If you a recent enough grad from college, you could see if they have opportunities for such a work, especially if you know members of the music faculty.

Many thanks Todd!

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Thanks Derrek