OT: Bach Chorale Turing test

This is a bit of fun. Cappella software makes an app, “tonica fugata”, that supposedly creates counterpoint, fugues, and harmonizes the style of Bach, etc.

There’s a ‘Turing Test’ on the site (in German, but easy enough to navigate). Guess whether the chorale is by Bach or by the machine!


I got 9 out of 10, just by intuiting that something wasn’t quite right. (The one I got wrong clearly wasn’t one of Johann’s strongest.)

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That was sorta fun, thanks! I only got 8 :man_shrugging: One I thought was Bach’s actually had some pretty nice voice leading, oops.

They have a jazz standard harmonizer too. “Your Jazz compositions will sound authentic.” Umm, no, LOL!

Fun! I also missed one…

The one they posted on the main page was pretty lame in spots. The bass line at the end of bar 6 reminds me of barbershop quartet style. Still impressive, though.

Didn’t Turing work on the Enigma Variations? :wink:

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I wrote an AI program as well, to produce chorals in severe style… This is undoubtedly better :smiley:

Anyway the problem are the exceptions, not the rules… :confused:

8 out of 10 although one of them I nearly clicked the alternate and I debated. It was a very interesting test. For me it was the passing tones that gave it away. (Or frequently, lack thereof.)

Beautiful aside! I think JSB did compose to a Nimrod biblical text once.