OT: Create movie of score

What is the best solution to generate a movie of a score like this?

I’ve been looking around for software that can do this “page flip” transition, but up to now I have only found apps that can do a page flip of the whole screen and not like “single pages”.
Do you know of any app that can do this? (For a reasonable amount of money, that is. I don’t want to invest in After Effects for my little hobby… :wink: )

You can try Davinci Resolve. It’s very powerful and most features are in the free version (they also sell hardware).
The following Video might not be exactly the effect you’re after but maybe a starting point:

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WOW - this really looks usable.

If the page-turn effect is very precious to you, at least make sure the animation is completely finished when the audio reaches the next page. Any experienced score-reader will want to read ahead slightly. That being said, in my opinion those animations are unnecessary anyway. Just a slideshow will suffice, nice and distraction-free. In that case, still you should always cut a beat or two ahead of the audio, by the way.


I use Davinci Resolve (free version) and highly recommend it. It is VERY full-featured, and quite complex (and pretty resource-intensive too). Be prepared for a pretty steep learning curve – but there are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube to help learn the program. The video above demonstrates that remarkable flip transition, but it’s a pretty complicated process to get there. One of the things that attracted me to Resolve is the inclusion of a quite robust audio module.

The free version will do everything most people need to do. The paid version is best for multi-users collaborating on video projects stored in a central location, plus some other very pro-studio features. Several major film studios in Hollywood use Resolve – check the Wikipedia article listing media produced.

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Thanks for everyone who helped me find my way.

I went with DaVinci Resolve and created forward and backward page flip transitions. Once they were correctly set up, everything really worked like a charm. Already looking forward to releasing more of my current as well as older stuff :slight_smile:

If you want to have a quick look: Wohin der Kompass zeigt | Günther Stadler - YouTube

Everything was made with Dorico and Note Performer, plus I recorded some of the percussion myself in Cubase.

Thanks for sharing @Estigy! I enjoyed watching and listening to the video of your Konzertmarsch and will think about whether DaVinciResolve might be in my future, too.

Two suggestions: A couple of repeats involve turning back to a page for only 2 or 3 bars before another page turn is required and you might consider inserting frame breaks such that repeats start at or near the start of a double page spread. Also, the width of the last page could be made the same as the others by going to Layout Options->Note Spacing and deactivating “only justify final system in flow when more than [n]% full”, probably along with adjusting frame breaks to put another bar or two into that last page. However, these are minor details and you may or may not agree with me. Regardless, congratulations on your video that opened up possible new horizons for me, too.

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I have a question that I forgot to include in my last post: Did making the video of your Konzertmarsch require the use of the paid version of DaVinciResolve or were you able to make do with the free version? From what I see online, it looks like the free version is still quite powerful.

Thanks for your feedback, @Mike_999, very appreciated.

The free version of DaVinci Resolve is perfectly good, no need to pay for the Pro version.

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Hi, Mike.

Quick follow-up: I stumbled upon this video that nicely explains the differences between the free and the Studio version: What can it ACTUALLY do? Davinci Resolve Free Vs Paid! - YouTube

Feels like I’ll never need anything from the paid version :wink:

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I use the free version of Resolve, and it is VERY complete.

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I made a few videos of my scores using a free program, and simply pasted in images that were taken from the score. I have a directory for each video, in that directory I simply inserted a bunch of images I exported from the scores, and then I put them in order using the free version of Shotcut.

it’s tedious, and I’m not very good with that type of software, so I’m probably putting in more work than I have to (I’m sure there are shortcuts for a lot of things I’m doing, that would save me time).

I’m not using any fancy page turn animations, mind you, just simple fades from page to page.

this is one of the first videos I did, so the transitions are mostly rough, and many are off by just a fraction of a second, enough to be mildly annoying.
“…with apologies to Percy” variations for piano



I love this piece of yours.

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I love it, too. The variations are delightful and the piece brings back fond memories of my first piano duet (based on Percy Grainger’s “Country Gardens”) with a girl my age on whom I had a crush.

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