OT: Does anyone know how the special clef for the Diatonic Button Accordion is used properly?

In SMuFL’s clef section, there is a clef listed as “Diatonic accordion clef”, looking like a strange ornate hook, or b, or h, something…
Is anyone here accustomed to that clef who kindly could give me a short explanation, or point me to some resources about it?

I can’t remember the details of how that clef came to be added, unfortunately. There was some discussion of it on the smufl-discuss mailing list here:

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Ok, let’s find out if @Christof_Schardt is still getting email notifications and can shed some light on that clef.

What do you mean by “is used properly”?

In PriMus it is merely an optional marking for diatonic tablature staffs. The optical appearance is indeed resembling an ‘h’. It has no further meaning, i.e. it doesn’t specify anything except the fact, that the notes are to interpreted as button-positions. Whether or not it is applied to the staff is a simply matter of preferences.

Well, it is a clef; so I assume that it has a “correct” position on the staff, does it?
Could you attach a picture of how it is rendered when used on the staff (ideally with some actual music, for context) in PriMus?


Like the TAB-Letters in string tablatures the position of the h-clef has no meaning. It is more or less nicely centered on the stafflines.

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