OT - Forum notifications

Well, I do not know why but since a while I am not receiving notifications from this beloved forum anymore. This avoids me from checking in here even more than the fact that I am still missing all the old buddies from the old Nuendo forum. Well, not even more - but I would be here more often when receiving notification mails :slight_smile:)

So, forgive me all that blabla - basically I am not able to find out where to edit the email-addy - I fear that there could be the problem. Usually this can be edited in the profile/members area…?! I am stupid?

Thanks for any assistance.


Well, C7 box is still covered in foil :slight_smile:

I successfully avoided to spend too much time with all the new stuff, I am curious though… Mh, well - regarding presets - I am quite upset since a while because presets are A BIG F+CKIN MESS in Cubase/Nuendo…

They are working fine when staying in one version… re-scanning the mediabay all the time… But in the past I lost almost all my presets all the time - I do not know why, I do not know for sure were they are stored - I had quite a lot coming from V3/4 - at some point they were not compatible anymore - now I have VST3 and regular presets (Vst2?!) - all messed over my harddrive - it seems that each version of Cubendo stores them in different, new and cryptic folders were you never will find them again… I do not know how I can backup and organize presets manually - they are all over the place and not all are working (old version presets)…

And the biggest PITA: There is no way to have something like “import session data” - which makes working in a music context quite painfull. Yes, export-import track archives etc etc… But all those save-load things are a big PITA and if the songs have different routing setups etc it is a big mess.

I never get the idea behind track-presets…? I save-load those vmx mixer settings all the time instead of and/or export-import xml track-archives…

And this is broken?!