OT: Good piano compilations

For the pianists here any good recommendations of compilations? Too much work to buy individual editions, unless I have to I prefer getting compilations for one stop shopping. My favorite is the Alfred Masterworks Editions - the scholarship is superb - the WTC books are works of art (and amusing in there to see him point out all the errors in the so called ‘Urtext’ editions).

Anyhow I’ve run through all the Alfred Masterwork compilations (baroque, romantic, modern, american, classical) plus all the other music I’ve got (most of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn), looking for something new - ideally a compilation of a composer or an era - any recommendations? As long as it’s not Urtext :grin:

The works of Scarlatti are sorely overlooked; there are editions, but whether they are what you’re after…


You’re probably not looking for something like this but I happened onto it, thought it was lots of fun and would like to share it. It’s a set of variations by Moszkowsky on a rather banal theme, each variation of which imitates the style of a different composer. It was written in 1896 for the 70th birthday of Carl Bechstein, the piano builder. It’s a parody of the student-Mephisto scene from Goethe’s Faust.
Here’s a YouTube link:
and an IMSLP link: