OT: HALion Sonic 2 ....

Great product… But after second install, getting some patches ( Very few ) not loading and getting a message…

“Some Audio files are missing please check installation”

Anyone else getting this problem.


look in the halion sonic forum the answers are there

Hi G string.

I would thank you for your reply if it wasn’t so unhelpful. If you know the answer why not just help out instead of trying to be a smart arse…

I noticed you gave a similar reply to another user having the same problem.

Well done. :unamused:

I went directly from Cubase 6 to 7 and discovered that HalionSonicSE VST was installed but no library. Turns out one must install Cubase 6.5 to get the HalionSonicSE library. Search for the download link. It’s there, somewhere.

WiredUp is not being a smart ass, there a numerous threads relating to issues with missing files with vsti instruments in the correct forum.

Who are you to tell me how to use this forum? If a Mod has a problem with a Thread they and only they have the power to move or delete as appropriate.

I have had my problem resolved by Jan at SB support.

Please do not stick your nose in.

it’s not telling you how to use the forum, it’s telling you that the information you seek is already here. Seek it.

In my experience most replys in this forum are done with a sanctimonious tone. You are one of the biggest offenders.

G string or whatever he is calling himself this month, is only interested in boosting his post count. Hence the generally unhelpful replies.

And it’s my experience that people like you are too f’n lazy to learn anything and want the answer spoon fed to you NOW and it’s everyone’s responsibility to GIVE IT TO YOU NOW!!!

See, I can over generalize too.




Relegated to the guest house,
I didn’t think he’d last long with that attitude… :wink:

Nevertheless, the source for solutions is in the Halion forum :slight_smile:

But that would have required him to read a post other than his own. < / end sanctimonious voice>

Oops, that would hurt probably :wink:

I’m keeping away for now before it really get’s nasty :wink:

Post count reply here +1 to the guest :wink:

Shame really ,the problem could of been resolved if in the right forum :unamused: