OT: help with tune ID please

Sorry to use this forum for something so mundane, but I feel someone out there can solve a mystery for me: namely to identify a tune that keeps running in my head. This tune may be in the wrong key or I may have the rhythm notated incorrectly, but I suspect the tune is still recognizable. I believe it is from a religious choral work, though I have only ever heard it as a piano/organ duet, about 70 years ago. Why it is coming back to haunt me, I have no idea. Please help!

TuneToID.zip (466.2 KB)


I’d love to help, but I can’t find any meaningful data in your zip file. Try posting just a .jpg or other image file, if that’s what you have. Or perhaps it’s a Dorico file? Post that.

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It’s actually a Dorico file. Just replace .zip with .dorico. Anyway, I believe zipping isn’t necessary anymore on the new forum.
And sorry, I don’t recognise the melody either…

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I tried to upload it as a Dorico file, without conversion to zip. For some reason it converted itself to zip! So as PjotrB said, just change the .zip to .dorico and it will open fine.

It’s from Bizet L’Arleissienne (forget which Suite).

Alto Saxophone solo.


OK, thanks. It’s the 2nd Suite, the Intermezzo therefrom, a secondary theme.

Thanks so much, rkrentzman.

The saxophone plays a melody originally sung by the chorus in the incidental music that the Suites are drawn from. Not religious at all, though my grandmother and Aunt played it as a piano and organ duet in church as a musical interlude!


The piece was also used as an Agnus Dei, examples: https://petruccimusiclibrary.ca/files/imglnks/caimg/a/ad/IMSLP432554-PMLP79803-Bizet-Alphenaar_Agnus_Dei.pdf


I’ve tried stuff like musipedia.org to find this tune. I heard it as a kid, used in our 8th grade graduation ceremony as an organ processional. Does anyone recognize it?

Looks like ‘I cieli immensi narrano’ from Benedetto Marcello.

Wow, thanks! That’s it, and I’ve wondered for decades.

OK, that explains the use in a church setting. Thanks for the clarification.


If you use Facebook, there’s a group called guess the score who can identify almost anything you throw at them.